How do the children feel when their home is on the market?

Have you ever thought about how the children feel when their divorcing parents are selling their home?


Many times the children aren’t given a thought.

How will they feel when they arrive home from school and see a

“FOR SALE” sign in their front yard?


Is there something you can do to make it easier? Could you remove the sign during the hours the child would be home? Talk to the seller about limiting having the house shown when they are present? You could ask the parent that is staying in the home which door the child enters when they return home and put the lock box on another door?

One of the hardest things for them could be having their room organized and someone moving their things…some children are very dependent on things that make them feel safe and secure and can cause them more anxiety than they are already experiencing.

Even when their isn’t a divorce involved sometimes children can be spared from fears that they will be moving.

Can I Keep the House When I Divorce? That Depends…..

When you are considering or in the beginning seasons of divorce you may wonder if you can keep the house.  That will depend on some factors, But either way you should keep it for the right reasons.  Don’t get me wrong I totally get why you would want to, you may have raised your children there or you are just really attached to your marital home or you may just want to stick it to your soon to be Ex.  BUT is it really the right choice for you after the Divorce is final.  Here are some things you need to consider:


There are some documents you need to find but the first one is your mortgage  and your latest statement.




You need a copy of your Deed to make sure how it is titled.

Has it been appraised?  If so you need a copy of that to determine the value. Property Condition will affect the value, there are other factors that might need to be investigated as well like market conditions.  As a Divorce Coach who specializes in Real Estate I will give you answers to these concerns.



There are other considerations to think about  too; such as, can I afford to make the payments on my own after the Divorce?  Or how much will I have to pay my ex in the Divorce Property Settlement and will I have to refinance it.  This is a good time to consult a Loan Officer before the Divorce Papers are signed.


This can be a daunting or overwhelming task especially when you are dealing with all the emotions of a Divorce.

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You should consider a Home Inspection sometime before Divorce Mediation concerning the Property Settlement

by a licensed inspector BEFORE you agree to any property settlement.  After you sign the property settlement divorce agreement or go before the Family Law judge it may not be admissible.

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