Shari Frasure, Divorce Coach

The trouble today is that many women over 50 are not as financially secure after divorce and the desire to just get it over with often has them make poor decisions that they regret later. As a Certified Divorce Coach, I can help them make wiser decisions and see the bigger picture and avoid the traps people in divorce fall into. I will help them explore the different options they have to get a divorce some of these can save them a lot of money.
I have many years of experience helping people buy and sell their homes and have advised others through the real estate divorce challenges for almost 4 years.
As a Real Estate Divorce Specialist I can help you decide if you should keep the marital home so you don’t agree to a bad property settlement agreement because you risk:
Damaged Credit
Post-Divorce Litigation/Legal Fees
I can help you gather the documents you need before you go to mediation or litigation because there is no House Do-Over once the settlement is signed.
I will help you be more informed than most people who enter into divorce negotiations and in the process save you a ton of money in legal fees.
I am certified by Sandra Lee, founder of Emerge Victorious and professional Training for Divorce Coaching. Sandra Lee is a renowned Divorce Coach, author and speaker who shares her experience with others to prepare them to come along side divorcing individuals, couples and families to make way for a kinder and a better way to live separate lives in the future. I am also a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and a Member of the National Association of Divorce Professionals.