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Seasons of Divorce

In 2015, Seasons of Divorce was created to inspire and inform women as they transition through divorce and widowhood. On average, after divorce or widowhood,  women experience a 73% reduction in their financial position and a 17% decrease in their income, and yet, they’re frequently the primary care providers for children.

Seasons of Divorce Network Partners  offer financial, legal, and educational advocacy, as well as guidance and information, to address the immediate and long-term needs of women and their families as they go through challenging times. Our support for women includes workshops, mentoring programs, and consultations.

During her divorce Shari Frasure realized there were few resources available to women in the Central Kentucky area that provided information and resources or support.  No professional organizations that provided recommendations or advice of where to start.  It wasn’t just about finding a good attorney to file the divorce, there was many areas that family law attorneys are not qualified to council their clients such as real estate, taxes, personal finances and investments, insurance or emotional support.  Although many attorneys care about their clients they just don’t specialize in these areas.  Some of the decisions Shari made effected her in a negative way after the divorce was final.  Once Shari realized that she didn’t know what she didn’t know she decided to educate herself and became certified in Real Estate in Divorce or Widowhood. She is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and a member of National Association of Divorced Professionals.

The organization provides assistance to women across the country, and we welcome your recommendations for women who could benefit from our services.


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Change the Story of Divorce 

This divorce process is causing you to feel worried about your future. You’re afraid of making a mistake and falling into a trap because you don’t know what you don’t know. You need help navigating the whole divorce process so you can create a favorable outcome for your financial future.

You don’t know what to ask when interviewing attorneys or finding the right professionals to help you get the information you need. You’re going to bed overwhelmed and waking up feeling anxious. There’s so much information and who do you even trust?

Your friends and family are telling you to hire the toughest lawyer money can buy and take your soon-to-be ex to the cleaners. They’re giving you legal, financial and lots of other advice but it only causes you to feel even more afraid and confused.

You just want peace and for life to get back to normal. You don’t want to believe you are going through this, you’re thinking, “it can’t be real.” You can hardly think straight or get out of bed. It’s really hard to go to work or take care of the house much less pay bills or make other financial decisions.

What if you could change the story?

Imagine if you were clear and confident about the future and making financial decisions. You know what you didn’t know at the beginning. You have a clear grasp of your financial situation and how to create a favorable outcome.

You walk into the room feeling prepared, and anticipating what questions you’ll get. And you’re confident that you know the answers. You know what questions you need answered and how to ask them.

You welcome the advice of your family and friends because you know they care about you, and in the process of making decisions you have their support.

You’ve consulted with professionals who know the law and how to apply it to your divorce. You have more trust in your ability to avoid mistakes.

You have peace in knowing where you are going to live and that you can meet your financial needs while taking care of yourself. You’ll feel normal again, you’re relaxed, and you’re smiling more.

Have You Been Asking Yourself?

How can I find out what we own; what do they mean by “marital property”?
I don’t pay the household bills, how do I create a budget?
How am I going to live without my partner’s income?
What is going to happen to my home?
Who is going to take care of me?

I’m a certified divorce coach for women over 50 going through divorce. You want peace, but you’re worried about your future, making mistakes, and falling into a trap. I partner with you through the divorce process to help you create a favorable outcome.

As a result of this program, you’ll:

Know what you need to find out about your marital estate and expenses.
Know where to start gathering information and documents so you feel more informed and confident when meeting with your legal team.
Decide if you should keep the house or if you should prepare to move so you won’t be making mistakes and getting trapped.
Understand your financial needs and how to budget so you can take care of yourself.

Organizing Your Financial Information Plan

Getting to Know Each Other Call – During this 60-minute phone or video conversation, we will get to know one another and learn about where you are in the divorce process, what your fears are as well as what questions you have.

Financial Organizing Tools – You’ll get a Financial Organizer by email or mail that contains a Read Me First Letter, a Financial Checklist, a Data Gathering Guide and a Budget Worksheet. These documents will help you gather what you will need for the divorce process.

Read Me First Letter
Contains all the instructions for using the attached documents.

Financial Checklist
Helps you gather the information you may need to provide to your attorney or mediator.

Data Gathering Guide
Helps you have all the information and documents you need to have should you have to provide them as well as give you knowledge.

Budget Worksheet
An excel spreadsheet which has embedded calculations to help you calculate your budget.

Follow-up Review– In 10 days we will have a phone or video conversation to make sure you’ve gathered everything you need and you’re prepared to move on to the next step in negotiating the favorable outcome you desire.

If you still need more time I will add an additional follow up call so you can go back to your attorney or mediator confident you can make the best decisions for your future financial security.

Investment: $99

Let’s Get Organized

Ready to be confident and clear about the divorce process? Great! Just email me here to get started.



Step 1: You’ll receive a link to make your payment.

Step 2: Within 24 hours of receiving your payment you’ll receive an email with my booking calendar so we can book your 60-minute conversation.

Step 3: You’ll receive the Financial Organizer Packet either by email or  mail so you can start gathering the information you are going to need before your attorney tells you to get it. This will save you lots of time and money!

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What Clients Are Saying

“Shari is an exceptional divorce coach and has been such a God sent for me . I leave each session feeling enlightened and inspired to be the best version of myself that I can be. Whether you are just now going through a divorce or like me still trying to cope with a divorce after 4 years, Shari can help you sort through it all and give insight to everything from the financial hardships after divorce to just helping you find yourself again. Shari always makes me feel very comfortable taking about life and my issues, she has helped me to see I am a good person, I am worthy and divorce doesn’t define me and who I am. She has helped me to look at myself in ways I never would before . Shari is very encouraging and has helped me to see that there is life after divorce. Without a doubt Shari will help you face all the issues of divorce whether it is coaching you on the procedures of divorce or helping you find yourself again so that you can live your best life at any stage .. I am very grateful for Shari and would totally recommend her services.” L.Hall

“You have been absolutely amazing and I don’t know what I would’ve done without your help and guidance.” A.Craig

“Shari provided the details and support to begin the divorce process. It helped me have peace with my decision and confident I could make it.” C.Branch





Shari Frasure, Divorce Coach

The trouble today is that many women over 50 are not as financially secure after divorce and the desire to just get it over with often has them make poor decisions that they regret later. As a Certified Divorce Coach, I can help them make wiser decisions and see the bigger picture and avoid the traps people in divorce fall into. I will help them explore the different options they have to get a divorce some of these can save them a lot of money.
I have many years of experience helping people buy and sell their homes and have advised others through the real estate divorce challenges for almost 4 years.
As a Real Estate Divorce Specialist I can help you decide if you should keep the marital home so you don’t agree to a bad property settlement agreement because you risk:
Damaged Credit
Post-Divorce Litigation/Legal Fees
I can help you gather the documents you need before you go to mediation or litigation because there is no House Do-Over once the settlement is signed.
I will help you be more informed than most people who enter into divorce negotiations and in the process save you a ton of money in legal fees.
I am certified by Sandra Lee, founder of Emerge Victorious and professional Training for Divorce Coaching. Sandra Lee is a renowned Divorce Coach, author and speaker who shares her experience with others to prepare them to come along side divorcing individuals, couples and families to make way for a kinder and a better way to live separate lives in the future. I am also a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and a Member of the National Association of Divorce Professionals.


Transition Specialist

Divorce is a major life change that can leave a person reeling. All of sudden, you are faced with issues such as money, children, career changes, and for many, the downsizing of the family home. This transition can be emotional, complex and seem overwhelming. Shari has the knowledge, experience and support systems in place to help facilitate the entire process. Have questions about Real Estate contact me today to find out how Shari and her team of local professionals can help make this move less stressful, coordinated and complete.  Get Free House Document Help Divorce/Family Mediation/Elder/Trust & Estates